【對「關係」本設計要提供給你的目的 覺醒】

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2018/05/08 和 5/15 歡迎體驗拜倫凱蒂+巴夏+與神對話談「關係」的精典智慧:
【對「關係本設計要提供給你的目的覺醒】Bashar 163
影片摘自:2017巴夏傳訊會-The Spectrum of Fear
原版影片:2017-The Spectrum of Fear 
字幕翻譯 : Jimmy





Q: Um… Whats the word? Relationships! And making commitments and… You know, feeling and excitement and desire to be with someone, and participate in the thing with them, and making commitments, having expectations and then… Feeling shifting…
Q: 嗯…那是什麼詞? 「關係」! 做出承諾和…你知道的,感受到熱忱興奮並渴望和某人在一起,參與他們的生活,並做出承諾,帶著期待並且… 感受到改變…
Yes. What youre describing is both positive and negative things.
Q: Okay, and then, you know I feel like I cause pain to people when I, when my excitement shifts to something else and they are expecting…
Q: 好的,那麼,你知道我總覺得自己帶給他人痛苦,當我,當我的熱忱興奮轉移到其他事情上,而且他們期待著…
If it is an absolute honest shift, and you are clear in the communication, youre not causing pain they are choosing to experience pain.
Because they are not willing to shift by using your shift as a reflection to help themselves know they can shift more into their truth as well.  If thats whats happening.
But you always have to be honest within yourself to make sure that that is really really a true shift for you, and that you are not doing things are choosing to do things that the result of anxieties that come from negative belief systems about yourselves.
You always have to find out first, if youre the one coloring the excitement or whether is truly your excitement to change in particular way.
But if you have to determine that its really your truth, then being that person really can whether another person understands it or not, only always be a benefit to them, because youre allowing them to know who theyre actually in a relationship with.
Q: Yes.
Q: 是的。
Now, of course, more and more as you all grow, as you become more conscious of the fact that this is happening in your society, and you are becoming more and more of yourself, you can go into a relationship with a communication that things like shifts may happen.
And if people understand that those shifts can always be about becoming more of who you are, and allowing the shifting in one person in a relationship to help another person in the relationship also become more of who they are, then you are fulfilling the basic purpose of relationships. And everyone can grow together that way, even if they dont do it physically together.
It doesnt really matter what the form is, as long as everyone is being their True Self, which will allow everyone else at least the option to choose to be their True Selves as well. And that is the purpose of relationships.
什麼樣的形式並不重要,只要每個人都更能處於最真實的自己(being their True Self),那就至少會讓其他都有個也能選擇成為真實的自己」的機會。這就是「關係」的目的。
Q: Um…Im communicating everything clearly from the beginning.
Q: 嗯…我正在搞清楚你這段話開始至今的每一句。
Yes, of course. The better you get out of it, lets just say the fewer negative surprises that will be.
Q: Alright.
Q: 好的。
Q: Yeah.
Q: 沒錯。
And the better you know yourself, the better you will communicate from the get-go.
Who you are? Who you prefer to be? And you will also start attracting people who are only on a similar wave link to that concept, eventually.
Unless for some reason you need to attract someone who is not, to perhaps help them understand that they can do that to.
Make all sorts of agreements and all sorts of reflections, for all sorts of reasons.
You have to be conscious enough, and discerning enough to understand what each relationship is actually for, rather than assuming what its for, just because of how it might look on the surface in the way youve been  trained to look at relationships.
Oh well, this is happening, it must be for this reason. You dont know that.
「嗯,這樣的事情正在發生,必定是為了這樣的理由。」 (事實上)你並不知道。
Let the relationship show you what is it for, why its really in your life, and why you are in theirs.
This is again what we do in our civilization, by operating in pure synchronism we trust that whoever comes into your life and the way that they come in is there for a reason. We respect that, we honor that, and we relate to them through that understanding.
We have no assumption, no insistence about what that relationship is supposed to be, where its supposed to go, what its supposed to look like.
We let it be what it is and very often, we dont necessarily know everything that relationship was for, until the end of our lives, and look back. Oh, I guess thats what was look for.”
我們只是讓「關係」以其本是(的功能和目的)運作,而通常,我們不需要知道有關那關係的每個目的,直到我們生命的盡頭,並回首。 「喔!我猜那就是它的目的。」
We dont have to know. We just have to know what needs to be known in the moment. We dont have to always know the whole path, because the idea of “the path unfolding” is part of the fun of discovering what the relationship might be for.
But we enter the relationship, knowing that we dont always really know what that relationship is specifically for, other than the basic fundamental principle of that relationship has occurred to allow all the individuals involved, to discover more of who they are and do the same for the others in the relationships.
To the best of their ability, with no insistence on what the outcome ought to be.
And thats how all the relationships on our planet work out so well.
Because we know that they already were, theyre already built in to the relationship that it works, if you let it be what it is, instead of imposing on it what you think it needs to be.
Q: Make sense. Fun. Sounds… I like…
Q: 這很有道理。太有趣了。聽起來…我喜歡…
Believe me it is.
Q: I look forward to experiencing that sheer.
Q: 我期待能真正地以此方式體驗「關係」。
Q: Thank you so much Bashar.
Q: 非常謝謝你,巴夏。
Youre welcome.






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