【認識「Permission Slips」與其運作功能】

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巴夏精選短片(9分01秒):【認識「Permission Slips」與其運作功能Bashar227  

認識「Permission Slips」與其運作功能Bashar227   What is "Permission Slip"? How it works in  life?
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Permission slips.
Let us talk about permission slips.
What are permission slips?
Well, the idea we would like to share with you this day of your time, is that many times we hear in conversations with many of you, questions and discussions of different kinds of tools, rituals, books, information.
And we are often asked, “Does this tool work? What about this ritual? What is the best way to do this? What is the best way to do that?”
Now, we have often discussed, of course, the notion, that for each and every one of you individually, because each and every one of you is a distinct signature vibration that obviously whatever tool, ritual, idea, information you attract to yourself is, by definition, at that moment, the one that will work best for you.
Because it is keyed, it is matched to your frequency, that's why you attracted it.
So, even if, the very next day, you attract something different, if it is that attraction, the product of the change in your frequency,
and you trust the synchronicity of your life, having brought that to you, then, even if it is different than what you are doing the day before, it is at that moment, the perfect tool for you, because you’re attracted with your frequency.
Like vibration to like vibration.
But in talking about all of these different techniques, tools, rituals, meditations, books, information, what have you, that is something very important to understand about all these things:
Be they ideas or artifacts doesn't matter. What they really simply are, are “Permission Slips” that You give to yourself to be “Who You Are”.
The power does not exist in those objects, in those rituals, no real effect per se comes from them.
Now, we understand, of course, that in physical reality, when something is crystallized in a physical way, of course it has its own attributes.
Such things as crystals are obviously representative of certain kinds of energy patterns, yes.
But nevertheless, the point is that regardless of what attribute the object or idea or technique or tool itself may have inherently, the idea is that it still doesn't really create any effect within you or do anything for you?
Unless, you choose to match the frequency of the idea it symbolizes for you.
So, you are generating the effect yourself, out of your own energy.
But what you are doing is you are relying on your belief system, which sometimes can be unconscious to attract to you the symbol that best reflects the vibration within you that will allow you “permission” to be your Self.
We understand that many times, some of the belief systems, and ideas, and definitions that you are brought up believing in on your planet, will create certain notions, and patterns within you that makes it seem as if you do not have the ability to be who you say you wish to be.
That there are obstacles or challenges in your way that seemed to prevent you sometimes, as we hear it from you, from really becoming the full person you wish to be, from really having the full passion of life you wish to have.
This is not empirically true, but we understand that if you have a belief system that says it is that way, then for you it is true.
Because, even though there is no real empirical physical reality, your experience of physical reality is real.
That is the only thing that is real.
Experience is the reality, not the reality you think you're experiencing, just the experience itself.
And when you gravitate toward, attract yourself to, or attract to you, some particular idea of information, some particular technique of delivery,
even including this idea of channeling, or some object such as a crystal, or some book, or some ritual, or some meditation, all of those things, are just a portion of your Self, writing you a permission slip,
即使包含這「通靈」的概念,或者某些如水晶之類的物體,或某些書籍,或某些儀式,或某些靜坐冥想,這些全部都是你的更高心智(Self 高我)的一部分,在寫給你的一個讓你得以進入更高意識的自我許可」,
to let you finally be in a space, that's safe, for you to really express your abilities to be more of Who You Are.
The things themselves do nothing for you, you are doing it all.
這些東西(permission slips)本身並沒有為你做任何事,所有的一切都是「你」在做的。
But if you feel you need an excuse to do it, a permission slip from the universe to do it, and that's what all of these tools and techniques are for.
You attract what reflects the belief system within you that makes it seem as if the technique is giving you the ability to do what you want to do.
But, you're simply giving it to yourself. You are giving yourself permission through the symbol to be more of who you are.
So, please remember that when and if, at any time, you have a question in your head, “What technique is the best for this? “What tool should I use?”
All the things you're ever going to find, all the things you're ever going to, have recommended to you, all the things you're ever going to be attracted to, are really nothing more than a variation of a permission slip that you are giving to yourself to reveal to yourself.
Through the particular symbology of that slip, what kind of pattern exists, or what kind of belief system exist, or what kind of definition exists within your consciousness,
and in knowing that, in going into the ritual, in using the tool or the technique with that in mind,
You can empower yourself that much more rapidly, that much more powerfully, that much more thoroughly, by recognizing that even though you may feel at this moment that you need that tool, you need that technique,
In order to have what you want, in order to be who you wish to be, you can then now at this point, understand it is you, simply doing this, by having given yourself permission to let it be alright, in some kind of context that your belief system can relate to, so that you will remove any reason not to be your Self.
Now, ultimately, you will understand that if this is what these things are, if they are nothing but permission slips, then certainly, as you grow, as you learn, as you expand, you will realize that any technique, any tool will work, will do the same thing.
That they're all valid in that context, they're all equal, one is not better than another.
And in general, you will also arrive at a point where you will realize that you don't really need them, to simply make a change within yourself, just because that's what you wish to do.
You will simply shortcut the process, not need the technique, not need the tool.
You will simply say: “Well, I'll just choose, I will just choose to be that way, I will just choose to be that state of being. I don't need any other tool, any other technique, other than the recognition that what I choose will be so.”
“What I choose is up to me, and if I wish to attract a technique or tool to myself, because I feel it is fun, because I feel it will give me a reason to do what I wish to do, be who I wish to be.”
Well, all well and good, so be it.
But knowing that will eventually eliminate the need for the tool itself, because you are the primary tool, you are the primary technique.













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